Happiness NOW!

A total mindset makeover system to instantly improve your health, wealth and relationships.

What are you waiting for? The right job? The right partner? More money? Less debt? For things to just “settle down”?

Once that happens everything will be great! Right?

Well not exactly. I’ve got a secret I’d like to share with you...none of those things are coming, unless you can find a way to feel good NOW! You don’t need anything in your life to make you happy. You need to first be happy so you can create more of the things you want in your life!

Do you really want to waste precious moments of your life waiting for some future event? Or do you want to be excited every single day for every single adventure?

What if I told you that NOTHING in your life has to change?!? That you have in fact already created the life you desire, you just didn’t realize it? And that once you see it, you can easily create more and more of the things you truly desire!

What if all it took was a small shift? A different way of thinking. A feeling.

What if you didn’t have to worry anymore. Ever.

What if the weight of the world was lifted off your shoulders?

What if you were allowed to be the fullest expression of yourself, fearlessly and unapologetically?

What if you were unconditionally happy?

What if?...

It’s time NOW to choose this way of living. It’s time to let go of that which does not serve you and make room for love, joy, fun, and kindness (kindness towards others AND kindness towards yourself).

It’s time to release the fear.

It’s time to change your frequency and attract your true soul desires.

It’s time to remember who you are.

It’s time to be all of you.

It’s time to stop messing around.

It’s time to shine.

It’s time NOW.

Are you ready?

Join this revolution of like minded souls who are SO ready NOW for unconditional happiness and high vibe activities! Let’s get together and rise up! Raise the frequency and put some much needed good vibes and energy out into the world. Let’s create Happiness NOW!!!

Program Details:

  • Lifetime access to all Happiness Now content and materials
  • Video trainings on different mindset techniques, strategies and best practices
  • An ongoing behind the scenes look at how I use my own mindset systems and techniques to navigate through tough times in my personal life and constantly uplevel my own health, wealth and relationships!
  • Mindset 101 Masterclass
  • My “Wake Up Your Soul” Journaling Program
  • My 5 step system to manifest absolutely anything
  • AM/PM affirmations to manifest in your sleep!

You’ll receive basically EVERYTHING you need to begin to live a life with more freedom, fun and purpose.

Stop the struggle.

Stop going through the motions.

Stop sleepwalking through your life waiting for something outside of yourself to “fix” you.

Stop holding yourself back because you KNOW you are meant to have, do and be so much more during your time on this planet!


  Mindset 101 Masterclass
Available in days
days after you enroll
  “Wake Up Your Soul” Journaling Program
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5 Step System to Manifest Absolutely Anything
Available in days
days after you enroll
  AM/PM Affirmations to Manifest in your Sleep!
Available in days
days after you enroll

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About Cassie

I am a crazy cat lady, wine lover and fun seeker and am completely OBSESSED with living my best life while I’m here on this planet AND helping others do the same! I am a massage therapist, mindset master and total goofball. It is absolutely imperative that I laugh out loud every single day! I live in Boston, MA with my fiance Brian and our 5 rescue cats. We love to travel, go for long motorcycle rides and have dance-offs in our kitchen.

My superpowers include:

Making Friends Fast

Massive Mindset Shifts

Physical Healing

Being Awesome

I can help you:

Lighten up

Remember who you are and what you really want

Become the fullest expression of yourself with total confidence and badassery

Have more fun! Laugh more!

Feel better in your body. Look better in your body.

Communicate with confidence and clarity

Stay calm in stressful situations.

Live life with total ease and flow

Manifest absolutely anything you want to be, do and have while you are here on this planet!